Manitoba Addiction Agencies Network

The Manitoba Addiction Agencies Network represents addictions agencies and programs funded through Manitoba Health, Seniors & Active Living (MHSAL).

Network agencies and MHSAL meet regularly to exchange ideas and knowledge about addictions programming, policy, practices, and research. The network also coordinates and plans provincial initiatives responding to current addiction services issues.

For inquiries about the Manitoba Addiction Agencies Network, contact:

The Addictions Policy and Support Branch

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Addictions Foundation of Manitoba

AFM offers a variety of treatment options including short–term residential treatment, day treatment options and group and individual counselling. AFM has gender specific programming and co-ed programming. Services are available in communities across Manitoba. For more information call 204-944-6200 or 1-866-638-2561 or visit

Addictions Recovery Inc.

Addictions Recovery Inc. offers a sober living environment for men in early recovery. A.R.I. operates two recovery homes in Winnipeg, with skill development for successful long term recovery. Service is for men only. For more information call 204-586-2550 or visit

Behavioural Health Foundation

BHF provides long term residential addictions treatment programming for men, women and family units experiencing a variety of addiction problems and co-occurring mental health concerns. For more information call 204-269-3430 or 1-855-447-9212.

Esther House

Located in Winnipeg, Esther House provides a safe and supportive living environment for women in second-stage recovery from addiction. Service is for women only. For more information call 204-582-4043 or visit

Health Sciences Centre, Addictions Unit

The Addictions Unit at Health Sciences Centre provides voluntary admission for men or women with active addiction who require inpatient treatment for complications of drug and/or alcohol use and withdrawal. It also provides assessment and treatment for co-occurring medical and psychiatric conditions. The Addictions Unit is only accessible through health care professional referrals. Some referral options may include a Family Doctor/Medical Practitioner, Psychiatrist, Manitoba Health Addictions Counsellor, RAAM Clinic’s, and possibly Emergency Departments.

For more information about our services, call 204 787 3855.

Heartwood Healing Centre

Heartwood Healing Centre provides free therapy and support services to people (over the age of 16) who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and may also be struggling with addiction issues. Because addiction can be one of the long term consequences of unresolved childhood sexual abuse, Heartwood Healing Centre recognizes that addiction treatment and therapeutic support for childhood sexual abuse are often best offered together. For more information call 204-783-5460 or visit

Main Street Project

Main Street Project provides emergency shelter and food services, a drug and alcohol detoxification unit, on-site counselling, transitional housing, and a range of other critical services. Located in Winnipeg. For more information please call 204-982-8251(male) or 204-982-8222 (female) or visit

Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre

MATC operates the Youth Addictions Centralized Intake Service: 1-877-710-3999 which assists youth, families and service providers navigate the continuum of youth addiction services.  In addition, MATC provides a range of mental health services to children and adolescents who experience psychiatric and/or emotional disorders. A full continuum of programs and services, both community and hospital based, are available to children, adolescents and their families in Winnipeg. For more information call the Intake Service or visit

Resource Assistance for Youth

Located in Winnipeg, RaY is a non-profit street-level agency working with street-entrenched and homeless youth up to the age of 29. RaY is non-judgmental and non-partisan, employing a harm reduction approach to all interactions with youth in need.  For more information call 204-783-5617 or visit 

Native Addictions Council of Manitoba

NACM offers residential treatment services out of Pritchard House in Winnipeg. This addictions treatment program is comprised entirely of staff that are of Native descent. NACM also offers community based treatment services for addiction issues related to alcohol, drugs and gambling. Service is for men and women. For more information please call 204-586-8395 or visit

Rosaire House Addiction Centre

Rosaire House is an adult addictions treatment center in The Pas that offers residential treatment and a 4-week non-residential program for those who live at home while participating. Aftercare/continuing care is also available upon program completion for those who want continuing aftercare support.  Service is for men and women. For more information please call 204-623-6425 or visit

SRWC (Recovery & Wellness Centre)

SRWC provides day and evening, pre and post community-based recovery programming for men and women experiencing substance use/abuse problems and their families.  We support individuals, couples and family at every stage of their journey. For more information, please call 204-956-6650/ email:, or visit us on line at to see what programs we have that best suit your needs and situation.

Tamarack Recovery Centre

Tamarack Recovery Centre provides residential addictions treatment and recovery services in Winnipeg and ongoing post-graduation aftercare support for clients and their families. Service is for men and women. For more information call 204-775-3546 or visit

Two Ten Recovery

TWO TEN is a structured clean safe sober living environment in Winnipeg. Residents are mandated to attend 12-step meetings, work with a 12-step sponsor and do the 12 steps. For more information call 204-219-5210 (male) or 204-415-2152 (female) or visit


The Youth Addiction Stabilization Units (YASU) provides short term voluntary and involuntary stabilization for youth suffering from serious self-harm through serve and persistent substance abuse.  The stabilization period provides support to youth to withdraw physically from substances that he/she are using and to explore treatment options available within the community. For more information contact the Youth Addictions Centralized Intake at 1-877-710-3999 or visit

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